Demo site for MultiNote

MultiNote is live!

Finally, this MultiNote demo site is up and running.

  • 16 Apr 2020
  • rob

MultiNote for the web v1 has been ready for some time, but it’s only now that I got it deployed on the internet for people to try out.

As of now, only the admin can create new users, but if you want to test it out, you can log in as the ‘guest’ user using a blank password.

I started this project after reading about the development of the PLATO Notes system. I enjoyed reading the backstory of how it was developed. Back in the 90’s, pre-internet, I was fortunate to have had access to VAX Notes which was very similar, and probably copied/inspired from PLATO Notes. It was amazing. You could post messages and see the responses from other users, and add your own.

MultiNote is my attempt at recapturing the magic of PLATO Notes, but using the modern web, markdown syntax, and other tools we have today, but keeping the simplicity and feel of PLATO Notes.


About MultiNote

MultiNote is a multi-user web based note sharing system. Inspired by PLATO Notes.

- Add and edit notes.
- Upload files, images.
- Reply to notes.
- Multiple users.
- Use to keep track of records, as a weblog, or CMS.
- MIT License project page